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Practical Informations



Why QUALISYS Consulting ?

Our approach to training provides delegates with valuable practical experience of how to overcome the typical challenges they are likely to experience when undertaking activities within their own organisations.


All QUALISYS’s course enjoys the following benefits:

  • Course development and presentation by subject-matter experts with in-depth knowledge and experience in their field of expertise
  • Practical course content involving case studies, handouts and interactive group discussions
  • A team of experienced and certified Consultants / Trainers.
  • A program adapted to your projects
  • Documentation and tools for quality training.
  • Qualification and Certificationtrainings
  • Classroom and e-Learning training modes
  • Customized inter or intra business training

Customised Training

Customised learning programmes can be developed upon request, and formulated from an extensive library of course materials. Using the experience gained from implementing client projects, our training specialists will work with you to develop dedicated workshops or training programmes that cover any aspect of Governance and IT Strategy, Audit, risk IT and information Security, Business Analysis, Information System and Technologies, Projects and programmes management.


Our actions are organized as follows:

  • An initialization session helps define precisely the conditions of assistance.
  • The trainer may intervene in two ways:
    • By working sessions dedicated to a specific problem.
    • Through regular meetings of control, help and possible training supplements.
  • A final action allows you to perform a review of the capitalization obtained by the present experiment. The result of this review is shaped and communicated by the trainer.

Note: For more details about our customized trainings, please contact us(lien page formulaire contact). We will gladly send you detailed information and all relevant details (detailed program, costs, modalities ...) tailored to your needs and requirements. If you also wish to share with our experts to prepare your customized project or training courses and tailor our trainings to your needs, we are willing to meet you or share with you.


Customised learning programmes can take place in various formats, including:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Mentorship programmes
  • Corporate education programmes
  • Hands-on technical training
  • Certificate programmes
  • Boardroom briefings

Certifications Training

We offer practical standards based training courses that lead to internationally recognised qualifications, where applicable. The benefit is not only derived by the individual in attaining a level of qualification that best suits his / her current needs and situation, but also maximises his / her potential as an employee in applying the skills and knowledge gained back in the workplace. Certification allows you to assess your skills and test your knowledge on a repository, a method or a standard.

Recognized by the whole IT market, the official certifications allow IT professionals to demonstrate their expertise and enterprises to quickly identify skills. The certifications also provide IT service providers businesses increased credibility with their customers that will immediately identify their expertise.

Note: For more details on our certified training, thank you contact us: We will gladly send you detailed information and all the necessary details (detailed program costs, how ...).

If you also want to share with our experts to prepare your project or training courses on our training is tailored to your needs, we are willing to meet with you or talk with you.

Educational seminars

Whether they deal with the technology or management state of the art, QUALISYS CONSULTING seminars are the best way to acquire knowledge and to review the recent advances in technology and methodology. They are also a privileged moment where participants can share their experiences. They take between half a day and one full day.

Note: For more details about our educational seminars, thank you to contact us: We will gladly send you detailed information and all the necessary details (detailed program, costs, modalities ...) tailored to your needs and requirements.

In-house training

In-house training provides a cost-effective and time-saving training opportunity, especially where an organisation has more than six staff members to train and / or requires training in remote locations. This training mode has the following benefits :


  • You choose the date of your session that we will try to best satisfy according to the availability of our consultants.
  • Training can be "personalized" in order to take into account the specifics of your organization
  • They are suitable to the experience of your employees and your specific needs.
  • You are assured that all participants have the same level of knowledge at the end of the session.
  • We provide you with a detailed report of the session.
  • If you have several people to be trained, beyond five people, you can substantially optimize your training costs
  • Economy of scale
  • Customised programmes suitable for a particular organisation or industry
  • Facilitation at your organisation's own premises or at our training facilities



  • You make a training room available for the session (in case you are unable to do so, we can accommodate your meeting in one of the rooms that we will book for you)
  • A training room with a whiteboard or Paperboard (having both is a real advantage in teaching)
  • Internet connection for some of our courses to enable online access to diffusible documents or work platforms.



It is best to order your intra company training one month before the start of the session. Generally, the sooner you go about it, more chances you have to obtain date niches that suit you.

For more information about our intra-company trainings, thank you to contact us or email us :

We will be pleased to provide detailed information or help you in expressing your training needs.